Why Should I Invest In Standard Brix?

When it comes to investing your hard-earned money, the choices can be overwhelming. Traditional options such as stocks, bonds, and gold have long dominated the investment landscape, along with traditional property investment.

 MyBrix opens new investment opportunities in Australian Real Estate for investors with expected annual returns of between 10% to 20%.

One of the questions we often get asked by Investors, particularly regarding Standard Brix (Owner Occupiers), is that if the Owners make no repayments & pay no interest, how do I make money?

The simple answer is superior Capital Gains from premium properties.

Investors know that the average capital growth rate for properties in Australia over the past 30 years is approximately 7%.

The important thing to note is that is an “average” which means 50% of properties are below average and 50% are above average.

MyBrix provides the opportunity to invest in quality properties (that are not for sale) in locations where above average growth is present, allowing you to “cherry pick” the properties to suit your investment strategy.

Let’s compare the performance of the top performing suburbs in Australia over the past 5 years against the price of Gold. Gold is a good comparative measure for Standard Brix as Gold does not provide any dividends or return other than capital growth.

Gold has risen 58.67% over the last 5 years, that is approximately 11.73%, which is a good return for passive investment, but the top 10 suburbs in Australia far and away outperformed Gold in the same timeframe.

As can be seen in the table above, the best performing suburb was almost 7% better than Gold and the 10th best suburb outperformed by 3.81%.

Historically investment in these high growth suburbs has been very capital intensive and out of reach for the majority of investors, as it was not possible to access these properties with a fractional investment strategy.

MyBrix changes how property investment works, no longer do you need to make huge investment with high acquisition costs and experience long cycles to access high growth properties.

With MyBrix you can make fractional investment in high growth areas and spread your risk over multiple properties for no acquisition costs and no ongoing costs.

As you can see Standard Brix can potentially be a great opportunity to gain returns higher than or equal to Silver Brix (Rental Properties).Whilst Silver Brix properties have rental returns, they may not be in suburbs with  growth rates as high as Standard Brix.

Best of all Standard Brix cost less, as Owners discount these by up to 15%, meaning an immediate 15% head start on capital growth.  

All the benefits of investing in MyBrix apply to Standard Brix:

  • No Stamp Duty or other Acquisition Costs
  • Secured by Mortgage against Australian Real Estate
  • No Renters or Agents to Deal With
  • No Maintenance Costs or Council Rates
  • No Ongoing Fees or Charges
  • Cash Flow Positive from Day One
  • Quality Properties across Australia (that are not for sale)
  • Return on Investment of up to 20% p.a. *
  • Spread Your Risk over Multiple Properties
  • Increased Liquidity, sell all or part of your investment anytime
  • Structured Buybacks for increased ROI
  • Low Capital Requirements, start from as little as $1000

Whilst Gold is often touted as a safe haven asset, it has experienced more price volatility over the longer term than quality Australia Real Estate. Gold did have impressive surges during certain periods, but it also suffered notable declines, leaving many investors uncertain about its reliability and long-term profitability.

One of the key factors that sets Australian real estate apart from Gold is its inherent stability and tangibility. Property is a physical asset, providing investors with a sense of security and control that is unparalleled. You can touch it, see it, and improvements can be made to increase its value.

Australian real estate also benefits from the country’s strong legal framework and robust property rights, providing investors with confidence in their ownership. This stability fosters a favourable investment environment, attracting both domestic and international buyers and driving demand for properties across the nation.

Investors utilising the tools provided in MyBrix can select properties that best suit their investment strategies and can maximise their returns to suit their ROI needs.

* Before Tax, based on an optimised portfolio of Brix

MyBrix does not provide any financial , Tax or other advice, you must obtain your own independent financial, legal and tax advice regarding the appropriateness of using any MyBrix Services, having regard to your personal objectives, financial situation and needs. You should not make any decision, financial, investment, trading or otherwise, based on any of the information presented in this blog, any and all information presented in this blog is provided for information only and any action you take as a result is at your own risk.