What is an IAR and Why is it Important?

Every property listed on MyBrix uses our unique Investment Attractiveness Rating (IAR) to provide important guidance to property investors and property owners.

When we onboard a property the first thing we do is use our specifically designed algorithms to calculate the IAR and provide this to the property owner along with the calculated market valuation and maximum funding possible under MyBrix.

The property owner can use the IAR as a guide as whether to list their property on MyBrix and seek funding from investors.

The IAR is a score out of 1,000, where the higher the score the more attractive the property is for Investors. Property owners can list a property with any IAR score it is purely their choice, however we do suggest that properties with an IAR of over 600 will be more attractive to Investors. 

The IAR uses in excess of 25 different metrics (such as location, past growth, projected growth, yield, etc) and over 200 data points for each individual property to create the rating.

We have provided additional guidance for property owner by overlaying some additional information on the IAR Gauge, with our expectations as to how each band will be treated by investors.

When property owners receive their initial property assessment report, it will detail the IAR for their property.  It will also detail some potential ways (through buybacks or Gold Brix) to increase IAR and make the property more attractive to investors.  

Properties with an IAR in the 800 to 1,000 range, are most likely to provide investors with the highest returns and therefore are the most attractive. 

The IAR is very important to investors as it reduces many hours of research needed to find the best investment opportunities by instilling how attractive a property is to an investor into a single number out of 1,000.

The IAR is how investors will be able to find the best possible property to invest in via MyBrix.

Property owners please take note of the IAR before you apply to list on MyBrix.

Property Investors this is your shortcut to higher returns, we have done all the hard work for you.

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