Interested in Investing in Real Estate with 10% to 20% Return per annum?

MyBrix will commence taking applications for funding in September 2023.

In early December 2023 MyBrix will open for Property Investors to create an account.

By completing the form below you will be notified as soon as we allow investors to create an account on MyBrix.

There is no obligation created by registering your interest, it just lets us know how many investors we will potentially have to satisfy the initial demand from Property Owners, which we expect will be high.

It will also help us to know which types of investments you favour, so we can give priority to onboarding those properties for you to consider for investment. 

MyBrix will revolutionise property investment in Australia, so register your interest today and potentially be one of the first in Australia to be part of our ground breaking property funding model.


Revolutionising property ownership and investment

Our mission at MyBrix is to empower homeowners to unlock the value of their property in a unique and innovative way. 

We strive to provide a win-win solution for both homeowners and investors by offering access to No Interest and No Repayment funding, while providing investors with the opportunity to invest in a secure and profitable asset.

Take control of your property and your investments and live the life you want….