Gold Brix for Low Equity Owners

Fund up to 90% of Current Market Value

We Help Low Equity Owners Through Gold Brix

What is a Low Equity Owner

Generally, if you have less than 20% equity in your property, then you are classified as a Low Equity Owner. But don’t despair there is a way forward with MyBrix.

You can have as low as 10% equity in your property. As long as your property is attractive to other Investors then you may still be eligible for funding via MyBrix.

Normally investors on MyBrix acquire up to an 65% (Owner Occupier) or 70% (Rental Property) of a property under our No Interest and No Repayment offerings.

If you require up to 90% of Market Valuation Gold Brix fund that gap up to a maximum of $250,000.

You must commit to buy back Gold Brix each month at an agreed premium price, over a maximum period of 5 years. 

Gold Brix are subject to credit assessment for all owners on the property title.

Low Equity Shouldn't be a Barrier to Real Estate Ownership

We All Have to Start Somewhere

What Are Gold Brix?

Mandatory Brix Buyback

Gold Brix are sold to investors at a price higher than Standard or Silver Brix and you guarantee to buy them back at a fixed premium price, each month over a 5 year period.

Once all Gold Brix are repurchased, there is no obligation to make any further payments over the balance of your funding term.

Gold Brix are different from our other structured buybacks as follows:

  1. You must meet your monthly buyback commitments, missing these monthly buybacks is like missing a loan repayment and could result in the loss of your property.
  2. The price of the Gold Brix are fixed, it doesn’t matter when you repurchase these the price is always the same.  
  3. You must pass credit checks and current credit policy to be approved to issue Gold Brix.

Please keep the above in mind if you are considering using Gold Brix to help fund your property.

How Much will Gold Brix Cost?

Gold Brix Calculator

To help you understand how many Gold Brix you need to sell, we have created a calculator to help you work out the Gold Brix monthly commitments on top of the Standard/Silver Brix you need to sell in your property to fund your refinance.

Up to 65% (Owner Occupier) or 70% (Rental Property) of the Market Value (as calculated by an Independent Valuer) is funded with Standard or Silver Brix, the balance is  funded (up to a maximum of 90% of Market Valuation or $250K) via Gold Brix.

Gold Brix are subject to Credit Checks.

Sounds Too Good To Be True

So What's The Catch?

It’s true, you don’t get anything for nothing. Whilst MyBrix is a great new way to fund property, there are a number of things you need to consider before you rush in:

  1. Not every application will get funded. The attractiveness of your property to investors determines if they want to fund it or not. We have created an “Attractiveness Score” to help investors make their decisions.
  2. You need to discount the Brix you sell to the initial investors to provide them an opportunity to make money from the growth of the property price, as they are not charging you any interest.
  3. The maximum funding term for MyBrix is 10 Years, after which you can sell or refinance (potentially on MyBrix for another 10 year term)

Full details are provided to all applicants in our Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

Refer to Property Owner FAQ to understand more about MyBrix for Property Owners.

How does funding work under MyBrix?

The process is well defined

To help you understand how you can how you apply for MyBrix funding and how investors buy Brix in your property, we have created a process flow for you to see how it works end to end

How Does Funding Work Under Mybrix?

Use our calculator below to see the difference between MyBrix and Traditional Finance over a 10 Year period.

The majority (over 90%) of MyBrix Fees are paid in Brix, not cash, allowing you to utilise the equity in your home to pay the MyBrix fees and charges, without a huge drain on your cash reserves.

If your property is funded on MyBrix, your current mortgage payments can be redirected to improve your lifestyle or you could utilise a portion to undertake one of our structured Brix buyback programmes, its up to you.

If You Think MyBrix is Right For You

Get started with these Simple Steps

To help you understand how you can how you apply for MyBrix funding and how investors buy Brix in your property, we have created a process flow for you to see how it works end to end

Property Assessment

Automated Process,  Property Owner reviews the Assessment Report and can decide if they want to make an application to list on MyBrix or not.

Create Application

Create an account and go through the onboarding and application process to list your property on MyBrix

Sell Brix

Once listed, you can sell up to 7,500 Brix in your home to investors, via the MyBrix Platform..

Pay off your mortgage

Once your Brix are sold MyBrix will contact your bank and pay off your current home loan.