Invest at up to 15% below the current market value

Invest in positively geared Australian properties

The New Way to Invest In Property

Less Stress, More Return

A New Paradigm in Property Investment

Quality, High Growth Properties

MyBrix allows Property Owners to fund their Owner Occupied or Rental properties directly by Investors. Property Owners list their properties on the MyBrix platform and investors, like you, decide if they want to invest in that property or not, based on its capital growth potential and/or monthly returns.

MyBrix is a true Bring Your Own Property (BYOP) solution for any residential property in Australia. Property Owners are attracted to MyBrix due to our No Interest or Repayment Model. This means quality properties that are not normally available for investment are presented exclusively on MyBrix. 

Acquire an interest (Brix) in the property of your choice. Enjoy both capital growth and rental income (if applicable) as well as high returns through structured Buyback programs that the owner may optionally utilise.

When the time is right sell your Brix on the MyBrix platform to other investors (coming in 2024), or the property owner.  

Our Video provides an overview of investing in MyBrix.

What Am I Investing In?

Brix in Australian Real Estate

So What is a Brix?

Each Brix represents a fractional interest in the Sale (and Rental) proceeds of a specific property in Australia. Every property listed on MyBrix is divided into 10,000 Brix, therefore each Brix represents 1/10,000th of the sale proceeds of that  property.

You can find more about the types of Brix here

The maximum lifespan of Brix is 10 years, so that is the maximum investment term, we expect most properties to be sold in an average 5 to 8 year timeframe.

As an investor you can purchase Brix at up to 15% below the current market value, for immediate return on your investment. You can decide to hold the Brix for the maximum term and profit from the long term capital growth, or sell anytime for short term profit.

Some Brix have monthly rental returns, others rely solely on capital growth for their returns, whilst others have additional return from structured buybacks. It is up to you to decide how you structure your portfolio under MyBrix.

Is My Investment Secure?

Secured Against Australian Real Estate

All Brix are fully secured by a mortgage against the property in favour of all Brix holders.

The mortgage over the property provides security to all Brix holders as well as gives MyBrix a number of essential rights that further enhance our ability to protect the interests of all Investors, these include:

  1. The Right to manage all aspects of the property sale, including selecting the Agent, how the property is sold (eg Private Treaty, Auction, etc) and how it is marketed. This stops an Owner trying to sell the property for less than the market value and ensures our property specialists have the best chance of securing the highest price possible at sale time.
  2. The Right to manage all aspects of the property rental including selecting the Agent, how the marketed and selecting the best tenant and controlling the distribution of rental receipts. This stops an Owner trying to rent a Property and not declaring the Rent for distribution or renting the property for less than the market value.

Our end to end systems and processes are designed to protect the interests of all investors so that the maximum profit is achieved by all Brix holders.

The best property investments in Australia are now easy to find

Investment Attractiveness Rating

Every Property listed on MyBrix uses our unique “Investment Attractiveness Rating” or IAR for short, to provide important guidance to investors.

When we onboard a property the first thing we do is use our specifically designed algorithms to calculate the IAR and provide this to the Property Owner along with the calculated market valuation and maximum funding possible under MyBrix.

As an investor this reduces the many hours of research needed to find the best investment opportunities by instilling how attractive a property is to an investor into a single number out of 1,000.

The IAR uses in excess of 25 different metrics (such as location, past growth, projected growth, yield, etc) and over 200 data points for each individual property to create the rating.

Properties with an IAR in the 800 to 1,000 range, are most likely to provide investors with the highest returns. 

We recommend that only properties with an IAR of well over 600 list, however a Property Owner can list a property with any IAR, it then becomes your choice to invest in that property or not. 

The IAR is your short cut to finding the best possible property to invest in Australia.

How Are Brix Valued?

Brix are Revalued Every Month

As part of the Initial Brix Offer (IBO), we undertake 2 valuations before a property lists on MyBrix, these are:

  1. An Automated Property Assessment that provides a detailed report to the Property Owner and an indicative Market Value Range and an Indicative Maximum Funding Range as well as the IAR. The Owner uses this information to determine if they want to proceed with a MyBrix listing.
  2. A Full Valuation by a Licenced Valuer.  This is one of the first steps in the IBO process and sets the Initial Market Value as well as the maximum funding amount and the Brix prices. If the Property Owner agrees, the IBO process is commenced.

Once the initial market value is established, we will utilise market information we obtain from leading property data providers to index the market price for every property listed on MyBrix (and therefore the Brix price) each month. This helps you keep track of the performance of your investment.

The best property investments in Australia are now easy to find

Property is now a Liquid Investment

MyBrix changes the way property investment works, not only do we eliminate all the high upfront costs normally associated with property investment, we also make it easy to liquidate all or part of your investment at any time.

Buy using structured buyback programs you can decide how much you want to divest each month, at prices guaranteed to be higher than your acquisition cost.

Selling Brix at any time for profit is not tied to the sale of the underlying property.

You will be able to sell Brix like shares to other investors, for a price of your choosing, on the MyBrix platform (coming in 2024). 

High acquisition costs and long disposal cycles are now a relic of the past for property investment, as is the need to fund 100% of an investment property. Thanks to fractional investment you now get access to high quality, high growth properties at a small portion of their market value. 

MyBrix is for all Investors

We Can Help

Calculate Your ROI

There are many different ways to invest in MyBrix, and the best part is that you can decide how you want to invest and what type on investments you want to make. Whether you want Capital Growth, Monthly Returns or Both, we have a solution for you.

We have created a calculator for you to use to see what type of return each of the Brix types provide. Simply step through our calculator to create an example portfolio based on Brix types.

Investment Tools

We have done the research for you.

When you join the MyBrix you will have immediate access to the industry’s best market data on all Properties listed on MyBrix. At the click of a button you have access to detailed assessment reports and independent valuation reports. You will be able to see each property’s sales history, potential rental returns as well as information about suburb growth and other information.

We also include our unique “Investment Attractiveness Score” that provides guidance on the future returns from each property. 

You be able to access all the information you need to make an informed decision on every property investment you make on MyBrix as well as sophisticated tools to help you manage your property portfolio.

If You Think MyBrix is Right For You

Get started with these Simple Steps

To help you understand how you can how you apply for MyBrix funding and how investors buy Brix in your property, we have created a process flow for you to see how it works end to end

Property Assessment

Automated Process,  Property Owner reviews the Assessment Report and can decide if they want to make an application to list on MyBrix or not.

Create Application

Create an account and go through the onboarding and application process to list your property on MyBrix

Sell Brix

Once listed, you can sell up to 7,500 Brix in your home to investors, via the MyBrix Platform..

Pay off your mortgage

Once your Brix are sold MyBrix will contact your bank and pay off your current home loan.