Investor & Partner Relations

Looking to Partner in Someway with MyBrix?

At MyBrix we are changing the way people fund and invest in property in Australia, if you want to talk to us about partnering or investing in the MyBrix company (or our parent company TeckCraft who created the MyBrix technology)
Please complete the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

If You Think MyBrix is Right For You

Get started with these Simple Steps

To help you understand how you can how you apply for MyBrix funding and how investors buy Brix in your property, we have created a process flow for you to see how it works end to end

Property Assessment

Automated Process,  Property Owner reviews the Assessment Report and can decide if they want to make an application to list on MyBrix or not.

Create Application

Create an account and go through the onboarding and application process to list your property on MyBrix

Sell Brix

Once listed, you can sell up to 7,500 Brix in your home to investors, via the MyBrix Platform..

Pay off your mortgage

Once your Brix are sold MyBrix will contact your bank and pay off your current home loan.