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How much Interest can you save?

MyBrix allows Property Owners to save on Interest, use the calculator below to work out how much you can save and how much you can keep of your hard earned dollars each month with MyBrix. 

Property Owner Calculator

Thinking about how MyBrix can help you? Use the calculator below to work what type of funding is available via MyBrix and if you qualify for our No Interest and No Repayment  offer or if you need to supplement with Gold Brix for low equity owners. You can also see how buybacks work to help you set your own budget.

Property Investor Calculator

Property investment is a long term strategy to build wealth, we have created a calculator to help you understand how MyBrix can help you create a strategy with different returns and yields that is diversified across different Brix types. Don’t forget you can reduce risk further by investing in Multiple MyBrix properties.

Brix Discount Calculator

Brix discounting by Property Owners is an important aspect of attracting initial Investors to participate in funding a property and is fundamental to the financial model that attracts Investors to the MyBrix Platform. Use the calculator below to work out the discounts that will be applied to the Brix in your property to attract investors on the MyBrix Platform.

Fund or Invest in Australia Property

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